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"Of beer, an enthusiast said that it could never be bad, but that some brands might be better than others.”
A. A. Milne



At the FILO BREWING COMPANY, we brew 6 real ales on a regulay basis.

Crofters - Best Bitter - ABV 3.8
Hops used: Goldings and Fuggles
A fine quaffing amber ale, richly hopped with Fuggles and Goldings to give a refreshing nutty flavour with just the right amount of dryness to make you want more.

The Filo Brewery - Old Town Tom

Old Town Tom - Craft Beer - ABV 4.5
Hops used: Bobek
Light coloured ale infused with organic ginger that adds to hint of lemon from the classic Bohemian Bobek hop, a prize winning combination.

The FILO Brewery - Ginger Tom

Gold - Premium Ale - ABV 4.8
Hops used: Cascade
Premium gold coloured bitter with refreshing hints of Elderflower that add to a wonderfully smooth texture to make it dangerously moreish.

The FILO Brewery - Churches

Hops used: Amarillo
A superb pale refreshing and hoppy ale with long spicy flavours. Deliciously moreish and easy drinking.

Mike's Mild - ABV 3.4
Hops used: Boadicea and Pioneer
A must for mild ale enthusiasts with its distinctive blend of chocolate malt and roasted barley that leads to a most satisfying tipple reminiscent of the flavour of ‘dark chocolate’.  

The FILO Brewery - Cardinal

Cardinal - Sussex Porter - ABV 4.6
Hops used: Fuggles
A classic black porter generously brewed with chocolate malt and roasted barley to leave a smooth deep flavour.

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